Playstation 4 (PS4) Black Friday 2022 & Cyber Monday Deals

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Playstation 4 (PS4) Black Friday 2022 & Deals – If you are planning to buy Playstation 4 (PS4) during this Presidents Day then you are landed at the right place on my website. Because during this Black Friday 2022 you can save your money on all types of PS4 video games like Playstation 4 (PS4) consoles, Playstation 4 (PS4) Video Games, PS4, and much more. So don’t miss this chance and grab the best deals from here.

During this Black Fridays 2022, you will save around 40% on the top-selling PS4 products like PS4 consoles, PS4 Video Games, PS4 accessories from the top stores like Walmart, Best Buy, Gamestop, and Amazon.

Black Friday is officially here, and that means deals and sales from your favorite retailers on TVs, mattresses, appliances, and more. Today is probably the last day of discounts, so if you see a deal you like, we wouldn’t wait around too long as there’s a good chance it’ll be back to full price tomorrow.


Playstation 4 (PS4) Black Friday 2022

Black Friday sales have ended. Most of the Black Friday PS4 deals that we have seen have expired because stock has almost sold out. You can still find a few sales, mainly on accessories and games.

It was expected that the PS5’s recent release would result in big discounts on PS4 consoles. This would be because retailers would shift their PS4 stock to make way for the new console. However, PS4 Black Friday deals proved to be much more limited than expected. Major retailers ran out of stock quickly on last-gen consoles.

We did predict that retailers might be stocking up for Black Friday, so we searched the internet for the best Black Friday PS4 Pro and PS4 Pro deals.

We did however find a lot of great discounts on PS4 games and accessories. Some of these discounts remain valid as of right now.

PS4 Pro Black Friday

We saw great deals on PS4 Pro and PS4 Pro bundles and console deals, but not much in the way PS4 and PS4 Pro console deals. We sorted through the chaff during Black Friday weekend and included only PS4 deals that we felt were worth your hard-earned cash.

These are the top PS4 and PS4 Pro Presidents Day Deals:

out of stock
as of May 21, 2024 6:45 pm
out of stock
3 new from $569.99
20 used from $458.95
as of May 21, 2024 6:45 pm
in stock
7 new from $349.99
40 used from $167.47
as of May 21, 2024 6:45 pm
in stock
22 used from $34.90
as of May 21, 2024 6:45 pm
out of stock
1 used from $22.31
as of May 21, 2024 6:45 pm
in stock
11 used from $8.97
as of May 21, 2024 6:45 pm
in stock
50 used from $204.49
as of May 21, 2024 6:45 pm
Last updated on May 21, 2024 6:45 pm


PS4 Black Friday Price 2022

What PS4 Black Friday deals are there in 2021? This could be a difficult question to answer considering that the PS4’s last-gen console is now obsolete by the PS5. It is still possible to purchase the PlayStation 4, so this could be a great option for gamers looking to get into gaming at an affordable price. You’ll find any offers that we find here.

PS4 Black Friday Console Deals 2022

Last Black Friday saw a surprising lack in standout PS4 and PS4 Pro offers for the year that saw PS5’s introduction. Although we may have been optimistic, we expected aggressive discounts to clear out old stock since the next-generation consoles were soon available. This is especially to match all the Black Friday deals that were available.

PS4 Black Friday Console Deals 2022

Although console bundles were affected, Black Friday offered some great deals on many PS4 exclusives. The Last of Us Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima, and Days Gone were among the most affordable on the market.

Also, the PSVR offers were very attractive. Black Friday was the perfect time to see Sony’s attempts to capitalize on our fascination for the virtual world. The Mega Pack and Starter Kit were both available at a hugely discounted price. Stock quickly flew. Congratulations if you were able to grab one quickly enough to get some of the best VR gaming.

PS4 Black Friday Accessories Deals 2022

As part of our PS4 Black Friday accessories deals, we’ll be looking for controllers and headsets. A PS4 External Hard Drive is a great option for those who want to transfer their last-gen PS4 games over to PS5 – or simply need more space on your current console.

When will the PS4 Black Friday Deals Start?

Black Friday 2021 is on 26 November. The deals will begin a while earlier than usual, as we have seen in the past few years.

Retailers will usually start their Black Friday sales events in November. However, the best deals are typically reserved for the week around Black Friday.

We recommend waiting at least until November 19th to purchase if you are going to make a purchase. Although there may be a flash sale that appears closer to Black Friday, the week-long period when the best deals are usually available is the most productive. You could wait until Cyber Monday to get additional deals if you have the patience. It’s usually a refresh of or a rehash of the highlights from the previous weeks.



Black Friday is the best time to get deep discounts on the most popular products. It is crucial to research the features of each product and understand pricing differences between retailers.

Are you looking for a great deal on a Smart PS4 Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best times to buy a PS4(previously known as PS4? To ensure you get the best deal on a PS4, check out the information and deals below.

Our team will keep you informed about all the latest deals on PS4 this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So be sure to visit us often.


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